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An invitation to take a break from the normal routines and busyness of modern life. Join us in a friendly and supportive environment to explore the joy of meditation. We offer practices that include guided body awareness, mindfulness and silent meditation with the opportunity for discussion…and tea and biscuits.

Tuesdays 7pm ~ 9pm
Suggested donation £3. No booking necessary.
Contact: Kay e: t: 07866 573690

Chenrezig Practice Group

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Chenrezig represents unlimited loving kindness and compassion. The practice is to help us cultivate those qualities of compassion in our own being. It uses the skilful means of visualisation and mantra, and is chanted in Tibetan. You can participate through chanting – texts are available – or by simply resting in the atmosphere. Led by Sam Rainbow.

Fortnightly, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.
7pm ~ 8pm All welcome
Suggested donation £2
Contact Kay e: t: 07866 573690

Interfaith Meditative Practice to Support The Earth

An open sitting group with the intention to wish well to all beings on and of our Earth at this moment in time as we face far-reaching climate chaos. For all who want to come together on the basis of positive intention and well wishing. The practice will be in the context of an open silent space.

Monthly, on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
7pm ~ 9pm Donations welcome All welcome
Contact: Jo e:


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
~ with Doremi Hayward Vaardal

Craniosacral Therapy is a profound and gentle form of bodywork. It is able to address the client on both a physical and emotional level, and as such can be extremely valuable in allowing fixed patterns and traumas held within the body begin to shift. It works with the inherent wisdom of the body to orient towards health via deep listening and stillness.

Doremi Hayward Vaardal is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She trained at the Karuna Institute with Franklyn Sills, and has recently completed Integrative Baby Training with Matthew Appleton, Bristol.

Appointments available on Thursdays 9am~1pm
Contact : or 07938 764207

Restorative Yoga ~ The Art of Relaxation
~ with Maria Stayne

In our hectic, stressful modern day world, Restorative Yoga offers an ideal balance to enhance our experience of peace, nurture and calm. Practicing Restorative Yoga regularly changes the way our mind and bodies react to stress and increases our capacity for staying present.

A typical restorative class will involve 5-6 supported postures that we hold for long enough to access the resting state in our nervous system both physically and mentally. We use mindful breath to deepen into relaxation.

Maria lived in India and was drawn to Yogic Vedanta philosophies. She then moved to Spain for 11 years where she developed an interest in organic intelligence, body mind and community. She returned to England to complete her yoga teacher training and four years study of counselling and psychotherapy.

1st and 3rd Saturday each month
10.30am ~ 12pm
£9 (concessions available)

Kundalini Yoga ~ The Lightness of Being
~ with Anna De Vere
All abilities welcome
Wednesday evenings
6.30pm ~ 8pm
Booking essential
Contact: e: t: 07979 531058


Core Process Psychotherapy
~ a wise and compassionate response to suffering
with Kay Parkinson

Core Process Psychotherapy is a compassionate practice of deep listening. It tends to life’s sufferings and joys, and assumes that inherent health is always present and available – no matter how deeply disguised. It is an invitation to experience yourself differently.

Kay trained at the Karuna Institute, Devon, one of the original mindfulness based trainings to combine contemplative enquiry, western psychotherapy and Buddhist psychology. She is a mother, psychotherapist and meditation practitioner who has been listening to people professionally for over twenty years.

Appointments available; Wednesdays & Thursdays
Contact : or 07866 573690

Transpersonal Psychotherapy
~ with Philippa Vaizey

The Transpersonal Psychotherapy process is an opportunity to explore, regenerate and root oneself back into one’s own being, finding a deeper sense of self.

Philippa is a UKCP Registered Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor.
t:01736 791591 or 07815 730860.

~ with Maria Stayne

I work with the Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred model of psychotherapy, using the therapeutic relationship to facilitate change. I incorporate body and breath work to assist in calming the nervous system, helping clients to develop emotional/physical awareness to support the healing process.

After living in India and Spain, Maria returned to England to complete her yoga teacher training and study of counselling and psychotherapy. Maria has worked extensively with domestic and sexual violence, and has worked with the women’s refuge for 7 years.


It’s Good to Gather

Dream Circles
~ with Jacqui Chandler

We explore the dreams of participants by using a variety of approaches such as guided visualisations and writing exercises. In this way we uncover the insights brought to us through the dream characters, settings, symbols, stories and themes.

Jacqui is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and has additional training in Transpersonal/Jungian psychology, Art Therapy and Transformative Dreamwork. Jacqui has been working with dreams for nearly 25 years.

1st and 3rd Friday each month (this group is currently full, an additional group is underway, contact Jacqui for further details)
7.30pm ~ 9pm £10
Contact e: t: 07816 496251

Living with Illness

Many Threads
~ a mindfulness based support group for all those affected by cancer
with Jacqui Chandler & Kay Parkinson

Many Threads offers support to people affected by cancer ~ either living with a diagnosis or as a Carer. It assumes that one size does not fit all, and there may be ‘many threads’ to draw on to support a diagnosis.

We offer mindfulness, meditation, compassion and creative practices to help cultivate a sense of ease, and maintain a sense of wellbeing. The intention of the gatherings is to explore mindfulness as a foundation to compassionately face the challanges of cancer.

Jacqui is a counsellor and psychotherapist who uses art therapy in her work. She trained as a facilitator with Penny Brohn Cancer Care in Bristol to deliver courses in “Living Well with the Impact of Cancer”.

Kay is a psychotherapist, and facillitator for Cancer Lifeline Southwest. She has enjoyed a meditation practice for over 20 years, and regularly attends retreats.

Monthly, on a Friday
10.30am ~ 1pm.
Suggested donation £4
Booking essential
Jacqui Chandler:
Kay Parkinson : or 07866 573690

Living with Death

The ‘End Of The Road’ Death Cafe
~ with Jos Hadfield & Kay Parkinson

‘If we really faced our fear of death, our lives would ultimately be lighter and more joyful’
~ Larry Rosenberg

People often don’t want to think about dying and certainly not to talk about it; we tend to focus all our attention on living. But birth and death are co-existent, just the flipside of the same coin. As we talk, death can become more familiar and no longer a stranger.

Monthly, on a Monday
10.30am ~ 12.30pm
Suggested donation £4
Booking essential.
Contact : Kay e: or t: 07866 573690

Specialist Clinics
Terra Firma Feng Shui

Elegant Solutions for a Complex World
~ With Anu Van Warmelo

The opportunity to pay attention to your home and maximise its potential through Feng Shui advice with local expert.

Troubleshooting, design and building advice for those who wish insight into their location. Bring floor plans, architect drawings, photographs, anything you like. Solutions can be much easier than you think, and now available without the need of a full on-site survey!

Anu lives in Mousehole and has been working with Feng Shui and enviromental science for over twenty years.

1 or 2 hour consultations are available by arrangement.
t: 07833 930548; e: