Psychotherapy FAQ
Q: What happens when I contact you?
Q: How quickly can I be seen?
Q: What happens if I need to cancel a session?
Q: What if I feel that it is my partner that needs psychotherapy and not me?
Q: Confidentiality?
Q: Ethics?
Q: Can I park nearby?

Other questions?

Contact one of our therapists using the contact details below or send us an email using our contact form.

Chloe Lockley:

Please Phone: 07966 033595 Email: chloe@mypsychotherapycornwall.co.uk

Clive Barton:

Please phone 07922 225851 Email: clive@mypsychotherapycornwall.co.uk

Cheryl Allen:

Please Phone 07969 890540 Email: cheryl@mypsychotherapycornwall.co.uk

Georgina Osborne:

Please phone 07775 856298 Email: georgina@mypsychotherapycornwall.co.uk

Kay Parkinson:

Please Phone 07866 573690 Email: kay@mypsychotherapycornwall.co.uk

Angela Taylor:

Please phone 07790 938003 Email: angela@mypsychotherapycornwall.co.uk

Susanna Hoare:

Please Phone 07712 575811 Email: susanna@mypsychotherapycornwall.co.uk